• Apply to the clips on all the targeted tracks, or only the top most visible

  • Set the “Smoothness” parameter for the effect

  • Apply warp stabiliser to the clip at the player or at all the warp markers

  • Set the “Result” parameter for the effect

The warp stabiliser automation tries to come to the rescue when Premiere Pro applies warp stabiliser in an unpredictable fashion. When dragging the warp stabiliser effect within Premiere Pro on multiple clips, only 1 warp gets calculated, not for each clip. With the Automator Plus you are able to tag each clip you’d like to apply warp stabiliser to with a “Warp Marker” and kick the automation off to chronological step through all your clips and attempt to apply warp stabiliser to all those clips. If something goes wrong with the warp stabilising process, as it sometimes does with Premiere Pro, the Automator Plus will put a red Warning marker at the start of the clip to notify you that something has gone wrong and needs a follow up.


  • Look through your footage and mark all the clips you’d like to apply warp stabiliser to
  • Kick off the apply warp stabiliser automation to go to each of those clip and apply warp stabiliser individually
  • Review the clips that have red Warning markers where the Automator Plus detected that something went wrong in applying the warp stabiliser.


Disclaimer: We’re constantly releasing new updates to remove the following limitations. Keep an eye on the changelog on Envato to stay up to date.

Only works for clips longer than 2 seconds.


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