• Creates a folder with a name you specify to hold all your images

  • Allows you to set the title of the exported images

  • Export screenshots of the clip at the player, all the clips under screenshot markers, or all the visible clips on the timeline

With the export screenshots automation you are able to easily create a folder alongside your current Premiere Pro project file and export screenshots of all the top most visible clips, clips at screenshot markers or the clip at the player in either PNG or JPEG format. This automation is ideal to create a quick overview of what you’ve currently got on your timeline to share with a client for feedback.


If you have a subset of clips that you’d like screenshots of you can mark all the clip you’d like to export screenshots otherwise you can export screenshots of all the visible clips or the clip at the player.

You can find the export folder containing all the screenshots in the same folder that holds the current Premiere Pro project that you are busy with.


Disclaimer: We’re constantly releasing new updates to remove the following limitations. Keep an eye on the changelog on Envato to stay up to date.

Only supports PNG and JPEG at the stage.


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