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Add Transition At Player

Add Transition At Player adds an edit transition between two clips at the play head. The clips must be on the same track and stacked up against each other with no gap between them.

To use this automation, you need to ensure that the player is on the edit point between the two clips you want to transition between. You can use the “Next Edit” or “Previous Edit” automation to move the player easily to the desired edit point.

The “Transition Pattern” argument allows you to choose the pattern of the edit transition. You specify the number of frames to use for the transition by separating the values with commas. For example, if you want the transition to first contain 3 frames of the clip to the right, followed by 2 frames of the clip to the left, then 5 frames of the clip to the right, and finally 3 frames of the clip to the left before settling on the clip to the right, you would specify the pattern as “3, 2, 5, 3”.

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