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Shot Selection

The shot selection automation allows you to move clips up and down tracks, change their colors, and assign a keyboard shortcut for easy access.

The Shot Selection automation is a small but useful automation that allows you to move a clip to a different track and change its color for easy shot selection. This automation is best used before you start editing, during your shot selection process, and before any effects have been applied. The top-most visible clip at the player’s head will be moved.

Arguments #

The shot selection automation has two arguments:

  1. “To Track” – This argument allows you to select the track to which the clip should be moved. The track number must be a positive integer value (no decimals), and it must exist on your timeline.
  2. “Color” – This argument allows you to choose which color to set the clip to. You can specify “Don’t change” if you would like the clip color to remain the same.

Arguments #

The shot selection automation works really well in conjunction with other Automator Plus automations, such as the move player automation and the make cut at player automation. Here’s a suggested workflow for using the shot selection automation:

  1. Add all your clips to a timeline.
  2. Scrub through the timeline using the move player automations to choose which clips you want to keep.
  3. Trim clips using the make-cut at player automation.
  4. Move clips up and down tracks using the shot selection automation to choose your favorite clips.
  5. Edit your chosen clips as desired.

Limitations #

At the moment, the shot selection automation is intended to be used before you start editing. As such, it currently does not keep any effects when you move your clip. However, the team behind Automator Plus is constantly releasing new updates to remove this limitation and others. Be sure to keep an eye out to stay up to date with the latest updates and improvements.

In conclusion, the Shot Selection automation is a useful tool for streamlining your editing process in Adobe Premiere Pro. By using this automation in conjunction with other Automator Plus automations, you can save time and increase your productivity.

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