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Manage Profiles

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The basic building blocks in Automator Plus are Automations. A collection of Automations are called a Group and a specific collection of groups are called a Profile. The graphic below shows how this hierarchy works.

Profiles can be Reset, Cleared, Saved, or Loaded.

Reset #

At any moment you can reset the current profile to our default profile. This is by no means a profile that contains all the automations contained within the Automator Plus, but it lays out the automations in predefined groups that we felt a normal video life cycle contains.

Clean #

You can clean the current profile by using the Clean button in the navigation bar. Warning! This will remove all of the groups and automations that you’ve got in your current profile. If there are specific automations and groups that you’d like to keep, please save your profile before you clean.

Save #

You can export and save your current profile by right-clicking on the hamburger menu in the Automator Plus panel title. This will ask you where you’d like to save the profile and will export a JSON file containing all your current automation groups and configuration. Note that automations that are project specific, such as the Insert Project Item automation which relies on selecting a project item within the current project won’t work when importing them into another project.

Load #

Similar to exporting a profile, you can also import a profile using the Import Profile option in the dropdown menu. This will open a file dialog which you can use to navigate to the profile you’d like to import. Note that if the profile has become corrupt it might not import, or it might import with some automations not working correctly. Moreover, there might be discrepancies in the keyboard shortcut keys when exporting a mac profile and importing it on windows and vice versa.

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