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Managing Markers

There are various Automator Plus-specific markers that the automations use. There are beat, effect, warp, auto edit, scene, screenshot, and custom markers. We would automate your workflow much more if we gave you the superpowers to add all of these markers and not a way to efficiently remove them.

The Remove Markers automation is a useful tool for removing markers generated by the Automator Plus plugin in Premiere Pro. It allows you to remove markers of different types such as warp, auto edit, screenshot, beat, effect, custom, warning, and Automator Plus markers.

You can choose to remove the markers between the sequence in and out points or remove all the markers across the entire timeline. This feature gives you more control over which markers to remove and where to remove them from.

To use this automation, simply select the Remove Markers option from the Automator Plus panel. You will be prompted to choose the type of marker you want to remove and whether you want to remove the markers between the sequence in and out points.

This automation is particularly useful when you want to clean up your timeline by removing unwanted markers that may be cluttering it up.

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