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Generated Feedback Doc

The Generate Feedback Document automation is a tool that can create an Excel document designed for providing feedback on video clips in the active sequence. This automation creates an Excel document that includes a screenshot, timestamp, and comment fields for each clip.

To use this automation, the user needs to specify whether or not to save images along with the feedback. Currently, the only supported option is “Yes,” which means that the automation will save screenshots of each clip in the sequence alongside the feedback in the Excel document.

This automation can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as reviewing rough cuts of videos or collaborating with others on video projects. With the feedback document, users can easily keep track of comments and suggestions for each clip in a centralized location, which can help streamline the editing process.

Overall, the Generate Feedback Document automation is a valuable tool for anyone looking to provide or receive feedback on video clips in a more organized and efficient way.

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