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Create Stop Motion

The Create Stop Motion automation is designed to help video creators produce a stop motion effect quickly and easily. With this automation, you can save time and achieve a creative effect in your video without having to take countless photos or spend hours on the editing process.

To use the automation, you can select the clip you want to convert to a stop motion clip and set the Frame Duration argument to define the interval between each new clip. You can also specify the track number to insert new clips on with the Insert On Track argument. Finally, you can choose between JPG or PNG format with the Format argument, depending on your preferences and requirements.

When you run the automation, new clips will be inserted on the selected track at the specified intervals, creating the stop-motion effect. This can be a great way to add an interesting and dynamic element to your video projects, especially if you want to showcase a product or highlight a specific aspect of your content.

Overall, the Create Stop Motion automation is a powerful tool for video creators who want to enhance their videos with a stop motion effect. By using this automation, you can save time, streamline your workflow, and achieve impressive results in your video projects.

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