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Auto Edit

The auto edit on beat automation is designed to simplify the editing process by automatically editing all clips to beat markers. The goal is to take all clips on the timeline and randomly select small, medium, or large clips to insert in between the beat markers. This automation aims to save time and effort, especially for editors who have many clips to edit.

The automation offers a Shuffle option, which determines the order in which the clips will be edited. If the Shuffle option is set to “Yes,” the clips will be edited in a random order to the beat markers. However, if it is set to “No,” the clips will be edited in the same order as they appear on the timeline. This option is especially helpful when the editor has a specific sequence in mind or wants to maintain the chronological order of the clips.

Overall, the auto edit on beat automation is an excellent tool for editors looking to streamline their editing process. By automatically editing clips to beat markers, this automation can save time and help create a more cohesive final product. The Shuffle option adds an extra layer of flexibility, allowing editors to choose the editing order that best suits their needs.

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