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To activate the plugin click on the Automator Plus button:

on the landing page of the plugin.

This will open a webpage where you’ll have to insert your e-mail and order id that looks as follows:

After inserting the e-mail you used to purchase the plugin and the order id you received thereafter click submit. If the e-mail and order id doesn’t match up you’ll get an error message. Make sure you use the order id and not the subscription id.

If your authorization is successful you should see a message that looks as follows along with your unique purchase code.

Copy the purchase code and paste it into the plugin within Premiere Pro.

You’ll only have to do this the first time you authorize the plugin, thereafter authorisation and login will occur automatically.

Note that you can only register 2 devices with the same purchase code, if you try to authorize a third, you’ll either have to log out of one of the other devices manually, or you can force log out of the other two devices and authorize only the third.

A++ #

The A++ feature allows you to execute shortcuts without having to focus on the Automator Plus panel. For A++ to work on Mac you’ll have to update your accessibility settings. Note that the Automator Plus will work perfect without updating these settings, it just the A++ feature that won’t work.

First, go to “System Preferences”, then “Security and Preferences”.

Next, scroll down to “Accessibility”

You might or might not see “Adobe Premiere Pro” in the list of apps. Either way, click on the lock in the bottom left corner to alter the settings. This will prompt you for your password.

If Premiere Pro was in the list, you can check the box to the left of it, otherwise use the + sign to add Premiere Pro and grant it permission. After you’ve checked the box, you can click the lock again.

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