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A++ is a feature that we’ve shipped with version 2 of the Automator Plus extension. A++ allows you to use the Automator Plus without having to focus on the Automator Plus panel within Premiere Pro. This is done by activating the A++ mode within the Automator Plus and using the 9 key to activate the A++ listener.

Once the A++ listener is active, you can use the keyboard keys to trigger the Automator Plus automations, if you’d like to send the A++ listener to the background you can use enter. If you’d like to deactivate the A++ listener you can do so in the Automator Plus panel.

The main benefit of A++ mode is that you can still use the Premiere Pro shortcut keys, and when you’d like to send keys to Automator Plus, you can hit the 9 key and start sending keys to Automator Plus. Once you’re done, you can hit enter to send the A++ listener to the background and continue using Premiere Pro.

Note that some shortcut keys might not propagate through the A++ – we are expanding the list of supported keys. If you have a key that you would like to see supported, please let us know here.

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