• Choice between saturation, Kenburn and shock motion auto effects.

  • Apply the keyframes from the start of the clip to the player, from the player to the end, or over the entire clip.

  • Choose whether to remove the existing keyframes applied to the clip, or append another effect to them

  • Set the start and end values for Kenburn and saturation and choose the incrementation method as linear or exponential

  • Apply Kenburn to the scale, x-position, y-position or rotation.

Our auto effect automations, with various combinations for Kenburns, Saturation, and Shock Motion effects, create keyframes over an entire clip or for a subsection of a clip. Although Premiere Pro allows you to set the start and end values for keyframes for an effect, with this automation you are able to also get to choose between either the linear or exponential method to get from the start keyframe value to the end keyframe value. The automation also comes with a few standard auto effects that you can easily apply to your timeline.


  • Create your own custom auto effects, or use the ones that ship out of the box
  • Choose whether you want the keyframe to start at the beginning of the clip and end at the player, or start at the player and end at the clip, or cover the entire clip
  • Apply the auto effect and see how all the keyframes get added for you


Disclaimer: We’re constantly releasing new updates to remove the following limitations. Keep an eye on the changelog on Envato to stay up to date.

There are currently only 3 auto effects, viz: saturation, Kenburn and shock motion. The saturation and Kenburn auto effects allow you to customise your own start and end value and there are currently only 4 shock motion auto effects.


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