• Use all the clips on the timeline or use groups of clips

  • Shuffle the clips or keep them in chronological order

  • When using the group auto edit choose between using a fixed length within the timeline per group, or use the ratio of the number of clips in each group.

  • Creates the Automator Plus bin if it doesn’t exist yet

  • Creates a new bin within the Automator Plus bin for each sequence you use to create your auto edit and adds all the generate auto edits as sequences within that bin

The auto edit on beat automation uses the available clips on your timeline to create an auto edit, in other words, a shuffled or chronological rough cut with the clips cut on the beat markers. This enables you to easily create various rough cuts as the algorithm behind this automation generates short, medium and long cuts making it edit feel organic.


  • Use the auto beat detection automation or manually add beat markers to your timeline
  • Execute the “Auto Edit All Clips on Beat” or the “Auto Edit Groups On Beat” automation
  • Cut and paste the best parts of the new sequence created using the small, medium, and large clips

This automation is usually used in conjunction with the Auto Edit automation to easily create multiple fully edited timelines.

The auto edit automation offers the ability to shuffle the clips or keep them in chronological order. You can generate hundreds of auto edits and choose the best cuts that work for you. To create a bigger variation, Automator Plus also allows you to set the duration of each group, either fixed or ratio of clips.


Disclaimer: We’re constantly releasing new updates to remove the following limitations. Keep an eye on the changelog on Envato to stay up to date.

Currently, the auto edit automation is only able to shuffle all the clips for all the groups when using “Auto Edit Groups On Beat”.


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