• Select the audio you want to detect

  • Assign to this automation to a shortcut

  • Select beat intervals as every beat, every second, fourth, eighth, or sixteenth

  • Can be used in conjunction with our Auto Edit automation

  • Compatible with the Automate to Sequence function in Premiere Pro

  • Ability to drop markers at random to create an organic feel

  • The ability to only insert beat markers between the in and out points of your timeline

  • Change the color of the markers to be added

  • Can be used in conjunction with the marker manipulation automation for batch workflows

The auto beat detection automation detects the beats in your music and generates beat markers for them in your Premiere Pro timeline. This enables you to easily edit your clips on the beat. When used in conjunction with our auto edit automation, you are able to generate multiple strategic timelines with cuts made on beats.


  • Select the audio clip to detect.
  • Hit the shortcut key.
  • Get markers applied to your timeline
  • Optionally you can manually add additional or remove beat markers where you see fit.

This automation is usually used in conjunction with the Auto Edit automation to easily create multiple fully edited timelines.

The auto beat detection automation offers advanced controls to select the beats you want to work with. You can detect each beat to create faster edits all the way to each 16th beat for slower, more granular edits. To create a bigger variation, Automator Plus also allows you to set a percentage of beats to drop to create a more natural set of markers.


Disclaimer: We’re constantly releasing new updates to remove the following limitations. Keep an eye on the changelog on Envato to stay up to date.

The auto beat detection only works with audio files (wav, mp3). It cannot load audio from video clips and also does not take into account any effects or modifications – like rate stretching – that you applied to your audio in the timeline. If you need to work with rate-stretched audio or audio tracks of video files, you need to export them to a wav file before using them.

The current beat detection algorithm doesn’t take into account the start of the first beat, so although the tempo is detected correctly the offset might need to be adjusted manually. Currently the beat detection algorithm only support 4/4 time signatures. We are looking into both these issues in an update.


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